Bear Soft Headband & Paws Accessory Kit


Grrrrrrrr! Get ready for that party in no time with this Bear Soft Headband & Paws Kit. You’ll look great without the effort!

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License to HibernateThe bear life is something to look up to. In the summer they play in the sun and munch on fresh berries and fish. In the fall, it’s pretty much feasting all day every day. They also look for prime hibernation real estate. They might set up for winter in hollow tree trunks, under the roots of a fallen tree, or in rock crevices. And once it gets cold and snowy, those bears go right to sleep. Their body temperature, pulse rate, and respiration drops to make sure their fat reserves will make it to the spring thaw. Now, we don’t know about sleeping all winter, we’ve gotta get some sledding in, but taking a leaf out of the bear winter playbook seems pretty smart. Want to learn to grin and bear it? This adorable, fluffy bear costume set will be a step in the right direction!Product DetailsThis furry, adorable bear set is quite adorable. It includes a headband topped with a sculpted bear head that has a cute snout and sweet, doleful eyes. Perky ears add extra character at a glance. The fingerless mitts are cinched at the wrist for a secure fit. Bear your wild soul with this quick and easy costume!

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