Bear Costume Hood


Show off your intense animal instincts with this scary Bear Costume Hood/Mask! You’re sure to make would-be harassers think twice about messing with you after they see these fangs!

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Man, being a barbarian is tough! When you’re not spending your time battling the other tribes of the north, you have to deal with the Romans, who are just always looking to expand their territories. At least you can keep your noggin toasty while you’re wielding your sword in battle by wearing this epic Bear Hood/Mask. You may even get to scare a few strangers along the way which is an added bonus because, you just can’t put a price on the intimidation factor. Wearing a bear head on your real head will make you look like a threatening savage. This hood/mask is as close as you can get to becoming a real warrior. It features faux fur and realistic three dimensional details, as well as fake teeth. People will “bearly” be able to tell you apart from a Grizzly Bear or an intimidating soldier when you’re wearing this wild accessory!

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