Basic Gryffindor Harry Potter Necktie


From head to toe be the best dressed in the Gryffindor house when you are wearing this Harry Potter Gryffindor Basic Necktie. Rock this red and gold with pride!

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5 points to Gryffindor!Dressing to impress is important and there’s no exception for the Wizarding World. When you raise your hand in Potions class, it can be a little unnerving. You don’t want to catch Snape in a bad mood and be a little too confident, or heaven forbid, wrong. But if your robes are pressed, your tie is tied neatly, and your tone is respectful, you might be able to get a couple of points for Gryffindor out of it. Yep. Points for Gryffindor, from Snape! If you can get points from Snape by dressing to impress, you can get them anywhere. Complete your school uniform with this sleek striped Gryffindor tie!Product DetailsThis red and gold striped tie will help elevate your school uniform in an instant. Officially licensed with a tag labeled with the Wizarding World logo, this tie is a great accessory for wizard fans. Pair this with a wizarding robe or even a Hogwarts pleated skirt or your own muggle wardrobe and you’ll be ready to whip up a magical ensemble. This high-quality Harry Potter tie can be used over and over again for all sorts of events from Halloween, Harry Potter-themed parties, to literary events!

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