Baseball Glove Purse


Oh take me out to the ball game! Take me out to the crowd! Get ready to play ball with the Baseball Glove Purse! Show you’re a true baseball fan with the Baseball Glove Purse!

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Bases LoadedIt’s the fashion equivalent of the bottom of the ninth. Your friends are yelling for you downstairs, asking if you’re ready yet. You don’t want to tell them no, but truthfully you’ve been trying to decide which purse to take for the last ten minutes. You want something that shows off your fun-loving, sporty side, while also being practical and spacious enough to hold your necessary items. Under a stack of jerseys, you suddenly spot it! It’s the ultimate bag for a baseball lover of your caliber. Product DetailsThis exclusive Baseball Glove Purse is just right for taking out to the ballgame! It’s stitched to look like a Major League baseball glove and has a short arm strap. The main pocket has a zippered closure and is embellished with cute baseball and bat charms. It’s nice and spacious for its size, so you can even lend your friends a hand with their items. Get it? Lend a hand? Ok, done. No Crying in BaseballThere’ll be no need to cry with a purse as handy as yours – but even someone does cry, you’ve got plenty of room for tissues! 

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