Bank Robber Mask


To plan a great heist you must first select the correct mask to wear. The Bank Robber Mask is key to keeping your identity sealed and get away with the perfect crime.

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This Is a Stickup! Ever fantasized about suddenly getting millions of dollars? That would buy so much pizza! You could have pizza every day for the rest of your life, if you wanted. Anyway, winning the lottery sounds pretty unlikely, but you watch a lot of crime shows. Why not plan the perfect caper? Forget about financial planning – this is definitely the way to go. Product DetailsPlot a daring heist in this hilarious Adult Bank Robber Mask! The molded plastic mask covers your face and secures around the back of your head with an elastic band. Its facial features include slicked-back brown hair, raised eyebrows, and an appropriately villainous handlebar moustache. The painted eyes contain viewing ports that let you see enough to run away before the cops come. The Perfect Crime This funny mask is basically a costume in itself! Whenever you wear it, be sure to keep away from any friends dressed as police officers. 

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