Bank Money Bag Prop


Rob the bank or save it once you get your hands on this Bank Money Bag. No one will blame you if you decide to steal a couple of hundreds. Great for every robber and gunslinger outfits.

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So, you’ve decided to rob a bank, eh? Well, hopefully, it’s your little brother’s piggy bank cause robbing actual Federally insured banks is illegal, likely to go awry, and there’s not all that much money in bank robbing these days. Notice how the photo is sporting one dollar bills instead of the Benjamins that you would hope to find when sorting out your loot? Well, at least you’ll have the look of a classic robber when you take this Bag of Bank Money and run for the hills. You’ll have a better life as a rich person, though your little brother might be a little broken hearted. Pair this bag with a cool catsuit or a black and white striped shirt. Hey, you could go for an awesome Western outlaw look if you want. Just be sure to learn some basic business and investment techniques and you’re good to go. Hey, don’t spend it all in one place!

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