Bakugan Dragonoid Classic Costume for Kids


Dress your child as the most powerful Bakugan in this Bakugan Child Dragonoid Classic Costume. Your child will feel just like a dragoniod in this realistic costume with wings.

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Dressed for SuccessEven Dragonoid has to dress up now and again. Sure, the suit and tie are a little restrictive on his hulking, gargantuan, draconic body, but hey, a wedding isn’t a wedding without fancy clothes! So, he puts on a brave face and bears it with his characteristic stoicism. Sure, if he had his choice, he would be anywhere else, but he would never let that get him down. He can be happy in his suit and tie for a day.But what really makes him happy is being in his own skin! Those powerful wings and claws feel amazing, though the best part is the fiery energy that he can bring to the table. What can be better than bringing such intense fire that you incinerate and melt anything in your proximity? Oh yeah, not to mention the ability to evolve indefinitely! Awesome!Flying FreeYou’ll feel just as good in this Bakugan Child Dragonoid costume. If you’ve ever wanted to feel as powerful and free as the most powerful of the Bakugan, you can’t make a better choice than this officially licensed Dragonoid costume. The deep red and gray colors look incredible on anyone and the realistic wings make you feel like Dragonoid in flight.Strength and ConvictionsThe Bakugan would not be the same without their iconic leader Dragonoid. His strength and heart are what drive the Bakugan to victory time and time again. You will feel that strength and staunchness too in this excellent Bakugan Child Dragonoid costume. Go Bakugan, go Dragonoid!

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