Avatar Na’Vi Weapon


Have you all of a sudden found yourself on a planet with cool blue people? You’ll be able to blend right in with the tribe when you add this Avatar Na’Vi Weapon to your look!

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The Invaders Are Coming Who knows why those strange humans thought it was ok to try to chase off an indiginous people and try to mine their moon for materials. What they don’t realize is that the original owners are prepared to fight, and have resources beyond anything their foes could imagine. Product DetailsProtect your people and the Hometree with this officially licensed Avatar Na’Vi Costume Weapon Accessory! The realistic-looking prop has a curved black blade. The handle is encased in molded plastic designed to look like carved bone. It’s a good thing to have on hand in the wild areas of Pandora (of which there are plenty)!Which Side? Will you betray your new family or will you defend the Na’Vi? This knife will look especially cool in the hands of a hero, so let that be part of your decision when you go up against the Resources Development Administration.  

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