Astronaut Orange Gloves


Complete your space suit with these Adult Orange Astronaut Gloves. These are essential for any spaceman or women!

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GIVE A HIGH-FIVE TO THE MOONYou’re going to space? Wow, that’s awesome, good for you bro! It’s going to be a vacation you’ll always remember. You’re going to glide past shooting stars and hang a right at the Milky Way before floating past Pluto and finally landing at your final destination, the moon. Please tell us whether or not it’s made from cheese, oh and if it is made from cheese, bring us back a piece. We love cheese…and the moon too! Before blasting off into the solar system, make sure you have everything you need. Spacesuit? Check. Plenty of dehydrated ice cream? Check. Helmet? Check. Gloves… wait a minute, you don’t have gloves!? Don’t you dare board a rocket ship and zoom into outer space before getting a quality pair of gloves! These adult orange astronaut gloves are a necessity for your trip. Wear them while scooping up souvenir moon cheese for us!         PRODUCT DETAILSThese are the only gloves you’ll ever need for space! The Made by Us accessory is high-quality and made from durable fabric. The orange gloves have black palms and elastic at the wrist so they stay up. GET YOUR HANDS ON ‘EMAnd don’t forget to pick up an astronaut suit too!    

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