Art Deco Flapper Dress Costume for Women


Celebrating the Roaring 20s, 2020 style, but still want to look that iconic flapper look? Get this Women’s Art Deco Flapper Dress Costume and dance the night away!

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The Roaring 20s100 years later, the Roaring 20s still has a very vibrant image in people’s minds thanks to pop culture. Thanks, no doubt, to the plethora of movies, miniseries, and hit dramas to glamorize the high-rolling times. From gangster movies to tales of crooked politicians working with bootleggers smuggling hooch, to the fledgling jazz scene taking place in vivacious speakeasies, we have no shortage of media to let us know that the 20s were indeed roaring!But, we’d like to take a moment to call out another important aspect of the 1920s. Art deco! Art deco styling was all the rage for building design, furniture, and even the high powered cars smugglers used to move all that hooch. And there was another important area that Art Deco influence permeated, too. Fashion! You’re used to seeing the stunning flapper dresses of the 1920s with shimmering sequins and colorful fabrics. But what if we told you we could get you all set up with an amazingly glamorous art deco flapper costume? Well, we can, and you’re staring smack dab at it. Because this very Women’s Art Deco Flapper Dress Costume is exactly what we’re talking about!Product DetailsShine like your best 1920s art deco self when you get this Women’s Flapper Dress. This stylish number features a black dress with a sheer overlay, with shimmering gold sequins attached and arranged for an art deco influenced design. The bottom hem of the dress has long strips of fringe fabric attached which adds a touch of elegance and extra effect in particular when you twirl or take to the dance floor.Throwback Party TimeGet this Art Deco Flapper Dress, and you’ll be the sharpest looking silhouette at any great gatsby party. But, don’t let your new high-class status go to your head. You might just find that you still have the most fun associating with the ruthless gangsters and scandalous flapper gals at the shindig!

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