Annie Adult Costume


Don the classic look paying homage to Annie in this Adult Annie Costume! With a look that almost anyone would instantly recognize, you will be sure to impress at any occasion you choose to wear this costume at!

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Easy, Great LifeTo be fair, Annie did have a hard knock life in the orphanage. Being held in what today would be considered a horrifically bad situation for her youth wasn’t easy. Doing all that work every day with little food or love is not something any kid should have to deal with! Sure, she had Sandy for a little while, but even the rest of the girls were all pretty mean to her.Until she got the luckiest break of any orphan in history, that is. We all know the story, but gee whiz, what a tale of rags to riches. The hardest part for her was probably having to rewrite all the songs that she used to sing. “It’s an easy, great life” doesn’t have the same ring to it. And “Tomorrow” doesn’t hit the same when she just brags about all the things she’ll get to do with all that Warbucks money every day. What a lucky orphan!Dressed With a SmileLuckily for you, this is the Adult Annie Costume and not the kids one. The red and white dress is the one she wore in the classic movie, and the gold locket might just convince Warbucks that you are legit. Well, maybe you won’t be able to convince Warbucks that you should get to stay in the house, but you can for sure look just like Annie!Bet Your Bottom Dollar That You’re Stylin’If you want to look like the world’s favorite orphan, then this is the costume for you. It has all the fine details that made it so striking in the movie, but without all that wet dog smell from Sandy!

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