Animated Standing Winged Reaper Decoration


Add this exclusive Animated Standing Winged Black Reaper to your spooky decor this season! It will make a great addition to your haunted house or graveyard!

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Welcome – to Your Doom! The way you decorate your house says a lot about your personality. If you have soft rugs and plushy pillows, people will probably assume that you’re a comfort-loving soul and you like others to feel comfortable too. If you have a million glass cat figurines displayed on end tables and ledges, visitors will deduce that you do not play much indoor dodgeball. And if you have a green-eyed, wing-flapping skeleton positioned inside the front door, most sensible humans will decided that the person who lives here REALLY loves Halloween. Or that they will probably die within the next 30 seconds. Either could be true!Product DetailsAdd a little spooky “je ne sais quoi” to your interior decorating this Halloween with our exclusive Animated Haunted Standing Winged Reaper! This friendly guy’s eyes glow green and he moves and flaps to startle and delight observers. Put him in the entryway – or hide him in a dark corner – for a greeting your guests will never forget! 

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