Alice in Wonderland Costume Companion


Complete your look with this Alice in Wonderland Costume Companion. This accessory is the perfect item to finish off your Alice in Wonderland costume this Halloween season.

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Peculiar ProblemsIf you’re going to visit the Queen of Hearts for a rousing game of croquet, you’ll need to be aware of a few unique things. The ball is alive. It’s a hedgehog. Also, the mallets are living. Flamingos, according to the queen, are excellent tools. That being said, not everyone is hip to swinging a bird at a small mammal and hoping they make contact. If that sounds like you, don’t worry! We fully support your anti-cruelty practices and can help you keep your very important date with the queen. All you need to do is add this Alice in Wonderland Costume Companion to your ensemble!Product DetailsAs the queen is a very busy person, she’s not likely to notice the difference between her birds and yours. And this soft pink feathered friend was made to blend in with a flock as much as possible while still staying whimsical. Without legs, this cuddly companion isn’t great for croquet. But we’re sure your stunning style and ability to seemingly conjure surprises out of the zippered pocket will distract the queen from her intended game. We suggest carrying the essentials plus a treat or two for just such an occasion. Should the queen become jealous, tighten the adjustable shoulder strap to keep your favorite flamingo close and suggest she find her way here to claim her own!Tropi-PalComplete your Halloween look with this Alice in Wonderland Costume Companion. Whether dressing as the Queen of Hearts, Alice, or any of Wonderland’s fabulous fellows, this striking costume accessory is the polish you need. And when Halloween has passed and summer returns, you’ll have a tropical pal perfect for toting the essentials to the beach!

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