Alice in Wonderland Clock Purse


Stay right on time and in style with this Alice in Wonderland Costume Clock Accessory Purse! Pretty soon the Queen of Hearts will be asking you for fashion tips.

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Tea TimeTime works differently in Wonderland. For instance, though it’s always time for tea, anyone who’s attended Mad Hatter’s tea party never gets any tea. Probably something to do with the dormouse in the teapot. But outside of the tea party, time works a little as it does in a dream. After all, Alice shrinks down to the size of a mouse and outgrows poor White Rabbit’s house all in one day. If you’re heading to Wonderland, you’re going to want a watch that you can have on you at all times! This colorful clock purse is the perfect item to add to your Alice in Wonderland costume. Keep one eye on the clock and your items close at hand once you sling this Made By Us purse over your shoulder!Design & DetailsDesigned by our in-house creative team, this purse is a fun way to keep the Wonderland theme going while keeping your items handy. You’ll love the unique details such as the cog and heart lace around the golden face of the clock. The strap of the purse is detachable and adjustable, allowing your purse to fit comfortably over your costume. The perfect size for your phone, wallet, and keys, you can be sure that you’re prepared for your next trip to Wonderland!

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