Alice Angel Adult Kit


Be the sensible one on Halloween and stop Bendy’s schemes whenever the little devil is up to something! This Alice Angel Kit will give you the sense and power to stop Bendy.

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Good Cop Bad CopPlenty of things are incomplete without both halves. Yin would be nothing without Yang, apple pie would suffer without ice cream, and Bendy’s mischief would be too much without Alice Angel there to try to do the right thing! Sporting both a halo and horns, Alice knows exactly how to balance her naughty side with her nice. Who better to help Bendy do the same? Certainly not Boris the Wolf! He’d probably be just as happy to let Bendy get away with whatever he wanted.Did It Hurt?Being the sensible, righteous angel that she is, Alice helped us create this Alice Angel Kit. For anyone wanting to look just like her, this velvet-covered headband sports the horns and halo to do it! The large satin bow is immediately reminiscent of Alice, and the velvet fingerless gloves complete this officially licensed kit. That’s three great halves instead of two, so even better!No Problem an Angel Can’t FixIf you are looking for the perfect accessories to complete your Alice Angel costume, then look no further! This officially licensed kit has all the pieces that will make your costume perfect. The devil is in the details, as they say, but the angel is in these ones!

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