Adults Surly Possum Costume


Be a surly little trash kitty cat with the Adult’s Surly Possum Costume! Show your teeth with the Adult’s Surly Possum Costume! Play possum with the Adult’s Surly Possum Costume.

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The Beast Is Yet To ComeThere’s more than one way to become a frightening beast at Halloween. Some pick the vampire or zombie route. Others want to be powerful, magical beings like witches and warlocks. Scary clowns, deranged serial killers, and fire-breathing dragons all haunt the streets come Halloween night. Another route to go down is to enter the animal world, where many natural monsters already exist. Vampire bats, anyone? Hairless cats? Or what about those crazy creepy anglerfish, with all the teeth and that lightbulb on their head? Just slip into this Adult Surly Possum Costume and you’ll be just the right amount of irksome on All Hallow’s Eve. You can rest assured that no one wants to see a human-sized possum coming to scavenge their Halloween spread. No wonder you’re so surly!Design & DetailsMore unsettling than a black cat crossing your path under a full moon, this exclusive possum costume creates an effective illusion in just two easy-to-wear pieces. Created in-house by our crafty designers, this look comes together thanks to a full-body jumpsuit composed of thick, furry material. There is a long, hairless possum tail attached to the back, and the hood pulls up to reveal the possum’s snout, teeth, ears, and eyes. Shoe covers complete your transformation.Nocturnal NuisanceCausing a bit of mayhem is known to happen on Halloween, but just remember that you are dressed like a possum — you don’t want anyone to chase you out of the party or turn you into roadkill. So try to be on your best behavior!

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