Adult’s Sunny Scuba Diver Costume


Hold your breath as you go for a deep dive in this Adult’s Sunny Scuba Diver Costume. Featuring goggles, flippers, and a backpack shaped like two oxygen tanks.

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Dive Right InSo, we’ve heard through the grapevine that this will be your first-ever Halloween party. We have a million questions, namely: HOW is that possible? But all those questions aside, we’re here to help you find the perfect look for your Halloween debut. We assume you’ll want something eye-catching, something unique. Something adventurous and sophisticated. And since scuba is one of your favorite hobbies, this Adult Sunny Scuba Diver Costume totally fits the bill!Looks like it’s time to zip it up and dive into Halloween revelry, head first! This look is the perfect metaphor for your experience, and it’s also just a really, really cool costume. Product DetailsThis costume is one part party, one part adventure, and exclusively made by us for the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship. The red jumpsuit has a front zipper that makes it easy to suit up, and the yellow matching hood will keep your head warm in chilly October weather. The clear goggles look authentic and secure with an elastic band, and the flippers may take some getting used to but are totally fun. You even get an air tank backpack, because you never know when the time will come in to jump in and swim with some sharks!Conversation StarterOne of the best parts of this look is that you can use it as an opportunity to chat up fellow partygoers with thrilling tales of your best-ever dives, the Great Barrier Reef, the Great Blue Hole, Darwin Island…wow, you look and sound super-cool in this outfit!

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