Adult’s Plus Size Dark Reaper Costume


Whether you are out collecting souls, or just attending a fun costume themed event, we got your outfit ready for you with our Adult’s Plus Size Dark Reaper Costume! This costume features a floor length hooded robe with spooky shredded fabric along the sle

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Don’t Fear the ReaperThey say nothing can be certain in life except for death and taxes. We’re inclined to agree, but the saying omits the one other constant in life: forgetting to plan a Halloween costume until it’s almost too late. Wait… now that our brains are on the topic, there are a few more. When you wear a crisp new white shirt, you’re bound to spill the next coffee you drink or pizza you eat on it. When you park in any spot other than your regular, you’re bound to see pigeons roosted above it when you return from an errand. When you play video games with your little cousins, they’re bound to be better than you and then gloat about it.Design & DetailsOh! Another: when you meet the in-laws, you’re bound to forget how to socialize entirely. It’s funny we happen to be discussing this while in the presence of Mr. Death himself because we wouldn’t have minded running into him in those awkward hours. We joke. Sure, death is off-putting, but he does make an absolutely killer costume. Case in point: the Plus Size Dark Reaper Costume our in-house designers cooked up this year. The hooded robe and cape are spooky as tax season in large part due to the mesh fringe draping off the ends of the sleeves. The scythe isn’t included, but we recommend adding that to complete your sinister ensemble. We don’t recommend wearing this on Easter or Christmas, however, because you might give Uncle Larry another stroke. And while it may be your job, technically, you could leave it to the real Mr. Death to take care of when you’re not cosplaying.

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