Adult’s Hyena Costume


Ever wanted to become a Hyena? Well now is your chance with the Adult’s Hyena Costume. Featuring full cover costume that will for sure keep you warm and cozy too.

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Best of Both WorldsOn the hunt for the perfect costume this year? When it comes to Halloween, people usually fall into one of two categories: those who opt for classic picks—like witches, vampires, zombies, black cats, bunny rabbits—and those who favor totally wild creations. This Adult Hyena Costume, though, offers the best of both worlds! It’s a cozy animal costume with a bit of a bite and an unexpected thrill. Trust us, wearing a unique costume to your next celebration will make you the leader of your pack in no time! What more you ask for? Product DetailsWell, since we mentioned it, you could ask for soft, minky fabric, a faux fur mohawk and tail, and a stuffed hood with a fierce hyena face on it. And it just so happens that this exclusive costume has all that, and more! You’ll stay warm on cold October nights and still maintain a bit of scary flair—after all, we wouldn’t want to run into a hyena after dark (or during the day, either, come to think of it). Yikes!The Last LaughGrab a group of friends and you can easily become a pack of laughing hyenas hunting for Halloween fun. Yelp and yip your way through the night, surrounding any partygoer that seems to have forgotten their costume. Bring a few extra of these Adult Hyenas numbers in a backpack and hand them out to anyone who wants to join your pack! You’re sure to be a hit this Halloween.

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