Adult’s Ghostbusters No-Ghosting Costume


Let those Ghosts know that Ghosting is not allowed at your Halloween Party with this Adult Ghostbusters No-Ghosting Costume. This costume is great for Men or Women!

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You Ain’t Afraid of No GhostRemember the high highs and low lows of trick-or-treating? We recall hitting a dozen houses or so that were perfectly normal: a jack-0-lantern and some cobwebs out front, a spooky doorbell, and a kind greeting with a handful of candy. But that thirteenth house… the jack-o-lantern was rotten, with pumpkin seeds and filling spilling out of its mouth. The door was obscured by a mess of cobwebs and we swear the cobweb winked at us! At the door, a nice old woman answered, but she handed us a toothbrush and an apple. And when we turned away in disgust, the scarecrow was facing us!Design & DetailsAll this to say: the best things are hidden in plain sight. It’s the tried-and-true way of upping the scare factor. The Ghostbusters learned that lesson the hard way. But, to be fair, it was pretty genius of the ghost to hide in their logo, don’t you think? That’s the thinking behind our exclusive Ghostbusters No-Ghosting Costume, which, aside from being sweet, is also part of our Made By Us collection. So you can rest assured the whole tunic is made with care: kind of like the nice, safe feeling of those first dozen houses on our trick-or-treating route.Who Ya Gonna CallSo whether you’re in the market for something to help you relocate a ghost without being detected, or just aiming to provoke some chuckles this Halloween, you’ll be set with this fun costume made by our in-house designers. No one will suspect ghosts are about with you lurking in this bad boy. You don’t even have to call anyone!

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