Adults Garfield Onesie Costume


Do you hate Mondays? Do you like sleeping in boxes? Do you have a sudden severe craving for lasagna?! Then you need the Adult Garfield Onesie Costume this Halloween!

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The Pasta PlanGarfield is one clever cat. He’s always got a plan for getting what he wants. Maybe it is sending Odie off into an adventure that will end up with a big pan of lasagna falling into his lap. Perhaps it is reminding Jon Arbuckle that he hasn’t had a date in a long time and clearly the only way to attract a woman is with a show of his fine culinary talents. But the latest trick up Garfield’s sleeve is the true master plan that is sure to rake in the win! What if he had the length in legs and the fortune in fingers so that he could get to the oven on his own!? It must have taken some incredible science to transform into full human height but if any cat could do it, Garfield is the one who’d make it happen. Of course, there are bound to be some issues down the road but we’re sure you’ll figure that out! Design & Details Realize the gift of human ability combined with feline fun when you step into this Garfield Onesie Costume. This adult costume is a Made By Us design that brings your favorite comic strip and cartoon character to life. Bemoan the struggles of life with Nermal and Odie all you like because this comfy zip-up jumpsuit is cozy and completely adorable. Rib-knit cuffs keep the costume in place and the stuffed tail attached to the back has Garfield’s classic black tip. Pull the hood up to reveal his grinning face because you know that a snack is in your future!The Monday Conundrum The one thing that Garfield didn’t expect when he’d take on a human form was that he’d have to go into work on Mondays! Fortunately, when you’re wearing this Garfield jumpsuit, any Monday will feel like FUNday. 

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