Adult Wolf Jumpsuit Costume


Whether you’re dressing up to go out for Halloween or staying in and keeping cozy at Grandma’s house, you’ll love this super soft Adult Wolf Jumpsuit Costume!

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Brooding Loner or Party Animal? We’re not sure where the whole “lone wolf” idea originated. After all, it’s pretty common knowledge that wolves tend to travel in packs. Those awe-inspiring timber wolves can make a pretty spine-tingling noise when they howl together, but they’re not just about hunting and barking – they also love to play! Wolves are the perfect spirit animals for people who are chill and like to hang out with their buddies, but we’re also not quite ready to scrap the lone wolf idea yet. Imagine what an awesome excuse it would make if humans could claim loner status like their four-footed friends! Product DetailsYou’ll be leader of the pack in this exclusive Wolf Jumpsuit Costume for Adults! The snuggly, fleecy jumpsuit zips up the front and is a cinch to wear. You might find yourself reaching for it for any occasion – Halloween party, nap time, college class, whatever! A swishy tail swings from the back, so you can let other wolves know your current mood. The attached hood is sewn with two perky ears and a cute wolf expression. Ribbed knit cuffs at the wrists and ankles make this the coziest costume you’ve ever worn! Lone Wolf LinesThis isn’t just a costume – it’s also a sure-fire ticket out of any social gathering you don’t want to attend. “Come to your cousin’s birthday party? I can’t. I’m a lone wolf.” “Sure, I’d love to attend work happy hour, but I’m a lone wolf, so…no.” You’re welcome!   

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