Adult Wild Mad Hatter Costume


It’s tea time, and trust us, we are all a little mad here. You will be too with our, Adult Wild Mad Hatter Costume. With patchwork and madness galore, you are bound to win all those costume contests.

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Tea TimeWe think this Halloween you should go absolutely mad! We’re not talking staying-up-past-midnight mad, either. We’re saying straight up tea-party mad! Really cut loose with a wacky endless tea-party. If you can’t manifest one physically then simply have your imagination take over. Let the madness set in and take your hand off the wheel for the night. We have the perfect ensemble for the night if you are truly ready to hand the controls over to your inner lunatic.This Wild Mad Hatter Costume isn’t your average mad hatter getup. It is of our own design and in our opinion the best on the market. If you intend to let your wild side loose, there is no better way to start than tossing on this zany attire!Design & DetailsGet your night of lunacy started with this costume’s assortment of fun colors and silly patterns. The brown jacket is closer to the “normal” end of the spectrum. Your typical American styled suit jacket, nothing too fancy, but beneath it lies something truly odd. Your vest is designed to look as if it is a multitude of patches from past vests all sewn together.Topping off this costume is a ridiculously large top hat that matches the design of the vest. With this hat on, no one will question your sanity… they’ll just know that it left you long ago. Finally, every gift has a bow, and you will, without a doubt, be a gift to the Halloween parties you attend this year with this costume. So, we included an over-sized bow tie! Its bright blue complexion matches nothing else with the costume but still adds a perfect touch of madness to the ensemble.Lose it and Cut LooseFall into madness this Halloween and go out as a Wild Mad Hatter this year. Even when the tea runs out, as long as you have this costume on, we know you’ll still have plenty of madness to keep the party going!

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