Adult White Knee Length Crinoline


You are going to love the look you get when you wear this cute Adult White Knee Length Crinoline! It’s a fantastic addition to your costume this season.

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When you need a little more volume in your costume, we know of a little trick to help you out. There is no better way to puff things up a bit than with one of our Knee Length White Crinolines! It will add plenty more coverage to your Halloween costume or everyday outfit. It will make any skirt or dress look way fuller and more luxurious than before. And who doesn’t want to add a little hint of luxury to their look?When you look this good, you’re going to feel great and have an urge to do your best. Whether it’s doing your best on the dance floor or even simply at socializing, this crinoline will add a whole new layer of confidence and help you break out of your shell. We have a lot of colors to go with many of our costumes so if white isn’t your thing be sure to check out the rest of our crinolines for the color needed to complete your outfit.

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