Adult Vampire Bat Cape


You’ll feel like a true vampire prince while wearing this Adult Vampire Bat Cape. Trust us, it’ll make your sharp fangs stand out and your looming stare irresistible!

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For someone who spends all day sleeping in a secluded castle and doesn’t have much of a social life, Dracula has a knack for staying up to date on the latest fashion trends. He knows that black will always be a good bet, even though it makes him look even more pale than he already is, but he makes it work. It could have something to do with his powers of hypnosis, but we also think he’s just one classy vampire.When putting together your own vampire costume, take a page from Dracula’s style guide and add this snazzy Vampire Bat Cape to your ensemble! Capes all the rage among Transylvanian vampires, especially ones that resemble fluttery bat wings, so this black pointed number will make you the most fashionably dressed bloodsucker at the party. It also features a tall stand-up collar, for a classic aristocratic vampire look that might even make Dracula himself a little jealous!

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