Adult Unicorn Costume Kit


Be the most magical of unicorns this Halloween with the Adult Unicorn Costume Kit! Blaze your own trail of rainbows with the Adult Unicorn Costume Kit!

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One of a KindUnicorns! They’re amazing. They’re magical, gorgeous – and very, very rare. Most humans will go their entire lives without being lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a spiraled horn and rainbow tail. That’s why your friends are so fortunate to know you. You’re so awesome and fun that you’re on a completely new level of fantastic – the unicorn level! It only makes sense that you should dress as one for Halloween.Product DetailsIf a magical horned horse is your true spirit animal, than you should wear this exclusive Adult Unicorn Costume Kit this year! The comfortable white headband features a pretty spiraled horn fringed with rainbow faux fur between two pink-lined ears. The tail is made of purple, green, yellow and blue fur that swishes with your every move and clips easily to your waistband.Unicorn SpottingPrance into any party knowing that you have the best, easiest costume ever! Your friends will be excited to see that a magical creature is in their midst.

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