Adult Train Engineer Costume


All aboard the train with this Train Engineer costume. Featuring a set of overalls and a fantastic hat, this costume is the perfect costume for any train lover.

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Train of ThoughtHave you ever noticed that the more you travel, the more places there seem to be on your bucket list? You’re proud to check off the Grand Canyon then on the way there, someone tells you about the sweeping landscape of Yosemite National Park or the ancient wonders of Mesa Verde National Park. And then you get to the Grand Canyon and you realize that you can’t visit this vista only once. Sure, the growing list of places to visit might be inconvenient but in the end, it’s a good thing. Because we live in a wonderful world that’s full of amazing places to explore. What you need is an outfit that tells the people in your life that you’re looking to see the sites and take on new territory. Who knows, when you put on this classic engineer costume, you might get a few invites to go on road trips. Who wouldn’t want their own personal engineer to drive them to Carlsbad Caverns?Details & DesignYou’ll feel like an adventure is just around the corner when you throw on this Made by Us train engineer costume. The costume is intricate with details like pockets, real buttons on the flaps, and useable pockets on the back that are perfect for your engineer sweat/ grease rags. A blue workman shirt is layered underneath and is complemented with a red bandana. The look is topped off with an instantly recognizable engineer hat to make your adventurous look complete.On the Right TrackIt’s great to pick a costume that you can wear again and again. Heading to a western themed party? The engineer is right at home! Is there a grade school reading event? What better way to read The Little Engine that could. Whatever the event is, we’re sure you’ll always be able to engineer a reason to throw this costume on!

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