Adult Sloth Ugly Christmas Sweater


You’ll be having a very merry Slothmas when you wear this Adult Sloth Ugly Christmas Sweater to all your holiday festivities!

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We Wish You a Slothy ChristmasWhat’s your Christmas wish? Is it treats? Presents? Perhaps a crowd of carolers at your doorstep singing your favorite holiday tunes? Maybe you desire a visit from Santa Claus? Well, we know what we want for the holidays! It’s simple. We just want to lay around, basking in the warm embrace of laziness. Yes, call us lame if you want, but we love nothing more than using the jolliest time of year to rekindle that special relationship we have with the couch. Queue up all of those TV shows you missed out on and grab the eggnog, because it’s time to indulge in some celebratory lethargy!Hey… in that way, we can really relate to the sloth. If you think about it, the Sloth is really the perfect Christmas animal! Sloths like to spend their time doing exactly what we love to do during Christmas. Move over Rudolph, because this adult Sloth Ugly Christmas Sweater is taking over the holidays. The sweater is an acrylic knit style that’s both comfortable and cozy. The cream-colored front has red stripes running horizontally and an adorable sloth is just hanging around on one of them. He’s even wearing a Santa hat and a sprig of mistletoe!

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