Adult Siamese Cat Costume


This Adult Siamese Cat is the purr-fect costume this Halloween! Features 100% polyester velour fabric making this costume very comfortable to wear so don’t be surprised if you find other kitten cuddling up to you.

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During your childhood, did you ever watch an animated movie about a pair a Siamese cats who destroyed an entire house? They not only wrecked the carpet, curtains, and antiques, but then they bamboozled their owner into thinking that the cute Cocker Spaniel was the sole perpetrator. Those scoundrels! Those darn cartoon Siamese cats terrified us as kids because they were so sneaky and just downright mean. Plus, they sang a really creepy song in a high-pitch voice that continues to freak us out no matter how many times we hear it. Needless to say, we’ve always been a little leery of Siamese cats because we associate them with being “naughty… that is, until now. We picked up this adult Siamese cat costume and it helped us get over our fear of this cat breed. Now, we can be in a room filled to the brim with Siamese cats and we feel no anxiety. All we had to do was dress in this cat jumpsuit for a couple hours everyday and our uneasiness slowly subsided. After zipping up the comfortable onesie with attached tail and mitts, just stretch the shoe covers over the feet and fasten the hood under the chin. Of course, the headpiece features classic Siamese attributes like pointy ears and icy blue eyes. Trust us, take some time to wear this cat costume, stare at you reflection in the mirror, and say, pretty kitty. good kitty. niiiiice kitty. Trust us, you will no longer be a scaredy cat!

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