Adult Share Bear Hat


Care 1, 2, 3 – There’s no place we’d rather be! Care a lot! Sharing is caring! Show you care this Halloween by dressing as Share Bear with the Adult Share Bear Hat!

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Two Is Better Than OneWhen it comes to sharing, it’s always easier to do when you don’t have to split something in half! Fortunately, one of the powers that Share Bear gets from her belly badge lets her duplicate things, so everyone can be included. And even if she doesn’t utilize that power, she still has a naturally generous personality, and would quickly give up her own prized possessions to help someone else. We think two is also better than one when it comes to friendship. After all, it’s much better to have someone there to share with!Design & DetailsWhile Share Bear’s caring nature might warm our hearts, we still need something to warm our heads! You do both when you have this Share Bear Knit Hat! This soft headgear features Share Bear’s cute face embroidered on the front and even has her ears on top. We hope you’ll feel warm inside and out when you wear this adorable hat!

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