Adult Punching Bag Costume


Have you ever dreamed of training the best boxer in the world? Well, now you can get up close to the action with this exclusive Adult Punching Bag Costume!

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Bound To Be a HitDo you love to be there for your friends when they are having a rough time? Are you prone to “take one for the team?” Do you have an…incredibly high pain tolerance? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you may be ready to sport this hilarious Adult Punch Bag Costume for Halloween!Because let’s face it, even on Halloween, we all have our own stresses we carry around with us. Will I get that promotion? Is my boyfriend breaking up with me? Does my costume do my Halloween enthusiasm justice? Do I tell people I accidentally dropped those cupcakes on the floor before I iced them and brought them over? Wouldn’t it be nicer for everyone if they could leave their troubles at the door of the big bash and just let loose, carefree, come Halloween night? This clever costume allows you to be a therapeutic place for your pals to lay their worries — plus, it’s a funny look that will win you high marks for Halloween spirit! Design & DetailsNow, while we LOVE that you are willing to take on everyone’s stress and aggression, really, you should help them all join a gym. Because while this exclusive costume is made right in our very own costume studio, it’s not technically tested for strong blows and impacts. Meaning, the appearance is symbolic. So slip this red foam tunic costume over your clothes and revel in its details — like a chain on top and the words “Punch Me” written in classic white lettering. But, you know, don’t actually let your pals punch you. That’s not what Halloween is all about!

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