Adult Plus Size Zebra Costume


This adult plus zebra jumpsuit costume features a character hood with attached mane. Available in 2X.

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Usually most folks think of Zebras as being at home just in Africa. But it’s the 2010s now, and let’s face facts: Zebras can be found all over the world! Sure, the “actual animal” zebras are right at home in great African savannas. But funky zebras can be found in any place or city, and these zebras really like to party. Look no further than the Dancing Zebras found in Bolivia!The La Paz traffic zebras help make their city safer by dancing and educating drivers out in the street. They’re pretty fun zebras indeed, and they’ve done a lot to improve safety in their Bolivian city. And if they can achieve that much as the most famous striped animals, just think of what you can do in a zebra costume. The sky’s the limit! You could start a fun club, travel with your friends in coordinating suits, or even get ready to put the first zebra on the moon. That’d be one giant leap for zebrakind!First things first, you’re going to have to get a sweet striped costume to get your plans into action. And this plus size zebra costume will be just the thing. Styled as a zip up jumpsuit, this suit features the signature stripes of the animals from head to toe. And along with vinyl hooves to partially cover your hands and feet, you’re going to be quite the famous animal yourself! Just flip up the hood, and the thick mane of yarn hair will make you the happeningest animal to be found. Get this exclusive plus size costume to really show off your stripes!

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