Adult Plus Size Sea Turtle Costume


Swim around with all your favorite underwater buddies when you wear this exclusive Adult Plus Size Sea Turtle Costume! You’re sure to have a shell-tastic time!

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Turtle DreamsThis might sound a little crazy, but sometimes, we like to daydream about what it would be like to be a turtle. Drifting through the open ocean, hanging out with the fishes of the sea,  and chilling on sandy beaches…That sounds like the life! That’s why our designers decided to whip up this highly realistic costume! Our Plus Size Sea Turtle Costume is the closest you’ll get to looking like a real sea turtle, so you can do more than just daydream about being a turtle!Design & DetailsThis Made By Us design brings you the best way to dress up like a majestic sea turtle! The costume starts with a soft, velour jumpsuit that fits with a zipper. The exterior of the suit has a beautiful shell pattern that’s modeled after real sea turtles. The sleeves have a colorful, scaly pattern, with shades of brown and green on it.The legs match the sleeves and end in shoe covers, so you can wear your favorite pair of shoes with this outfit. The elastic bands under at the bottom will help them stay securely in place. The attached hood is shaped like a turtle’s head and has soft-sculpted features on the top.

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