Adult Plus Realistic Taco Costume


Add a little international spice with this hilarious Adult Plus Realistic Taco Costume. Whether you’re taking your taquitos out for some trick-or-treating or going to a costume party, this costume is sure to be a hit.

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Make Every Day Taco TuesdayClose your eyes. Now, imagine it’s a perfect Tuesday happy hour. The sun is shining, the air is a cool-yet-comfortable 72 degrees. The wind blows through the trees as you and your best friends sit around a table with a pitcher of magaritas and a platter full of crunchy, savory, zesty tacos. Mmmmm. Can’t you just taste them now?But guess what? It’s actually February, and outisde your office window is a gray mess of sleet and snow. The roads are slick, the wind howls, and you feel like you’ve been at work forever, but it’s only 10 am. You’re a long way from Happy Hour today, and an even longer way from that warm and sunny patio. But have no fear. Simply go into the bathroom, change into this Adult Plus Size Taco Costume, and…viola! The whole vibe of today has changed. Sure, you may be sent home for violating company dress code, but you’ll also have the delicious taste of tacos lingering in your mouth all day long, causing unbridled happiness. That’s a pretty good trade off!Product DetailsYou know what’s so awesome about tacos? How simple they are! The same can be said for this crowd-pleaser of a costume. It’s an easy-to-wear foam tunic that goes right over your everyday clothes. The printed graphic looks like a realistic taco, including the shell, meat, and all the fixin’s. Halloween HangryOf course, if you don’t want to whip this costume out at work to brighten and otherwise dull Tuesday, it makes an awesome Halloween costume. Just make sure you arrive to the party with a platter of tacos or those zombies will come for you.  

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