Adult PJ Masks Night Ninja Costume


Send the Ninjalinos after those pesky PJ Masks in the Adult PJ Masks Night Ninja Costume! Dress up as your favorite PJ Masks character, the Night Ninja, with the Adult PJ Masks Night Ninja Costume!

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Playtime PreferencesWhen your kiddos asked if you’d play PJ Masks with them, you weren’t immediately sold on the idea. You’d seen the show. You even liked the premise. Kids moonlighting as superheroes is great! And that catchphrase? Into the night to save the day! Amazing! But, you’ve never identified with Catboy, Owlette, or Gekko and you want your performance, even during playtime to feel authentic.Luckily, every superhero story has a villain. Or, at least, an anti-hero for the stars of the show to contend with. And you’d been paying attention to each member of Bad Guys United. Luna Girl’s connection to the moon and affinity to moths is pretty neat. Her tantrums are a total detractor, though. As the leader of the pack, Romeo was an interesting option. Who doesn’t want to be the mad scientist in charge? But arrogance is never cool. That’s when Night Ninja showed his stuff. Sticky Splat, a team of fellow ninjas, and sick martial arts skills? Even the kiddo villain’s “bad” traits were more charming than disappointing. So, you agreed to play. But only if you could play the Night Ninja to your kiddo’s pajama-clad hero!Design & DetailsDive into the PJ Masks world with your kiddo when you add this officially licensed PJ Masks Night Ninja Costume to your collection! This Made By Us exclusive comes with everything you need to become the young villain and occasional anti-hero. The long-sleeved jumpsuit imitates the night sky with its blue ombre coloring and white dots that seem to glow like stars. Zipped in the back, the unique ensemble fits snugly to keep you agile for any impressive ninja moves. The hood secures under the chin with hook-and-loop fastener strips and continues the graded blue coloring to the top of your head while providing the Night Ninja’s signature mask. Pull on the blue gloves and shoe covers for a total transformation!

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