Adult Patriotic Ghost Face Costume


You’ll be ready to show your USA Pride and maybe scare a few parade goers when you wear this frightening Adult Patriotic Ghost Face Costume to 4th of July or better yet, for Halloween!

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Red, White and BOO!Ghost Face may be a serial killer, but he likes to celebrate the Fourth of July too. A parade is an excellent opportunity to pick out victims, after all. His mask tends to make people run away screaming, though, so he tried to make it blend in more. Did it work? Product DetailsShow off your patriotism and your spooky side by wearing this officially licensed Patriotic Ghost Face Costume for Adults! The mask covers your entire face and looks just like the disguise from the iconic movie series. It’s striped red and white, with a square of star-spangled blue around the right eye hole. Stars and Stripes ForeverA fireworks display is usually dark, so keep checking over your shoulder for any sign of a hooded figure or a flag that’s shaped a little differently than usual. It could be Ghost Face trying to sneak up on you! 

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