Adult Pajama Penguin Costume


Get comfy and cozy with the Adult Pajama Penguin Costume. Relaxing and watching T.V is not complete without being in this cozy pajama costume.

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Snuggle BirdsPenguins are the masters at keeping warm. It might not be much of a surprise, since those adorable little birds live in one of the coldest places on planet Earth, so they have to be! They’ve devised the perfect strategy for keeping cozy, even on those extra chilly days! Do you want to know what it’s called? It’s called… snuggling. That’s right! It sounds rather simple, but that’s what they do. When it gets chilly, all of the penguins huddle together and have a giant snuggle party and it sounds amazing. Well, we decided to take a note from our cute penguin friends. We wanted to become masters of snuggling, so we asked out costume designers to create an outfit that could capture the penguins’ innate skill! This Penguin Pajama Costume is what they cooked up!Design & DetailsIf you want to be a snuggle master, then it’s time to transform yourself into a penguin! This Made by Us costume is a pajama-style outfit that’s perfect for any costume party, or any slumber party for that matter. The costume comes with a pajama-style onesie made out of soft material. The onesie black and white, just like the tuxedo-like penguins of the arctic. It fits with a zipper down the front, for easy fitting and the back even has a little tail. The hood is attached to the top and it’s shaped like a penguin’s head, complete with a yellow beak in front and a pair of eyes on top! Just zip it up and you’ll be ready to snuggle like a penguin!A Penguin’s Life for YouIf you like snuggling up, then you’re ready to be a penguin! This adorable costume works great for any costume party, or for your next movie marathon on the couch! It’ll keep you cozy no matter what.

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