Adult Overinflated Ego Politician Costume with Sound


Make your ego the biggest in the land, with the Adult Inflatable Overinflated Ego Politician Costume with Sound. Mesh viewing in the chin, and classic baby printed graphics will make you a winner!

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Product DetailsLove them or hate them, everyone’s had just about enough of politicians with overinflated egos. So, why not go as one for Halloween? This lighthearted inflatable politician costume imagines a certain political figure as an oversized baby. Whether you want to make a political statement or want to recreate an iconic baby balloon seen all over the world, this adult inflatable costume is guaranteed to let your views be known.Made of 100% polyester windbreaker fabric, this inflatable costume is designed as a jumpsuit that zips up in the back. Your head, hands & feet are fully enclosed for the battery-operated fan to do air-blown inflated effect, and there’s a mesh viewport in front to comfortably see and breathe. The fan clips to your waist over the right hip, and just needs 4AA batteries to operate. The suit’s exterior is fully decorated as a politician baby, complete with an American flag and presidential token held in each hand. For further effect, it even has an integrated sound chip that adds audio to your caricatured performance!

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