Adult Narwhal Ugly Christmas Sweater


Roast your marshmallows over the fire this holiday season wearing this Adult Narwhal Ugly Christmas Sweater! This sweater is the perfect holiday gift for anyone who obsesses over the narwhal!

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North Pole PastimesWhat do you think of when winter comes your way? Do you think of all the winter fun that lies in store? You should! Winter has different levels of fun. First, there’s the adrenaline of facing the weather, stepping outdoors and feeling the instant chill run through your body. Then there’s the moment that you warm up while rolling a snowman up or skating across an ice rink. And finally, there’s that incredible feeling of coming back to your cozy home. Is there anything better than throwing on a pair of thick socks and curling up with a hot drink? We suppose it could be better if you embraced your cozy feeling by wearing this adorable Arctic weather ready sweater.When it comes to holidays and special events, our designers never take their ideas half way. These little Narwhals are celebrating the holidays in style, using what nature gave them to roast marshmallows over a sparkly fire (yes, this sweater has sparkly threads). The classic design that’s layered around the shoulders is paired with the exclusive narwhal illustration for a look that’ll make you look forward to those inevitable winter storms. A blizzard is going to blow in sooner or later, might as well have a sweater that’s cute enough to weather the weather with cheer!

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