Adult Mummy’s Curse Halloween Sweater


Mummy costumes aren’t all they are wrapped up to be! Get a more casual mummy look this Halloween when you wear this Mummy’s Curse Halloween Sweater.

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Warm Your Bones When it is time for a mummy to move on, there is a whole bunch of work that has to be done. We won’t get into the specifics, but let’s just say that none of it is particularly comfortable! After all the Canopic Jars are filled up, you’d think that it would be time to chill… but they take that pretty literally! Those cotton bandages don’t do much for warmth and the depths of the pyramids certainly aren’t too cozy, either! Who knew that when they talked about the curse of the mummy, they were actually talking about some pretty dreadful duds! Design & DetailsFortunately, you won’t have to worry about wearing anything other than cozy couture thanks to this Made by Us Mummy’s Curse Halloween Sweater! Our own entombed design team wrapped this together to make sure that you’ve got the look of the Mummy without all the inconveniences. The touch and feel of cotton combine with rib-knit cuffs and the knitted look of bandages keep you comfy and looking stylishly swaddled!  Rest for the WearyInstead of speaking hours or more getting your bandages bound in just the right way, you can slip right into mummy magic with our Spooky Halloween Sweaters! That leaves you time to truly enjoy your immortality! 

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