Adult Michael Myers Slippers


If you’ve got your Halloween costume all planned out but want some footwear to go with it, grab these Adult Michael Myers Slippers! You’ll be showing off your love for the horror movie franchise while staying cozy.

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He’s Gotten Very Good at DisguiseThe town of Haddonfield is right to be nervous. Rumor has it that Michael Myers is back, and he’s not messing around. The last time he got stabby, his would-be victims realized that if they ran fast enough, they had a fifty-fifty chance of escaping—and that’s only because of his casual walking pace! Stealth was his name of the game. In order to catch his prey, he figured out how to hide so that they’ll never see him coming. How?Design & DetailsWe’re not sure that he actually acquired his own pair of these officially licensed Michael Myers Slippers for Adults, but we imagine they’d certainly help anyone who is sneaking around. Make sure you’re on even footing when you pick up a pair for yourself!The stuffed slippers are made of soft, comfy material. Each one has a stuffed head sewn with Michael’s famous mask, shaggy brown faux hair, and stuffed arms. The right hand of each slipper holds a fabric knife. Don’t just store these in the closet, though! You’ll want to wear these cute yet creepy slippers for Halloween, horror movie marathons, and so much more! Just remember, if the actual Myers comes at you, kick off the slippers and run as fast as you can. 

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