Adult Jurassic Park Dr. Ellie Sattler Costume


Get ready for the world of Jurassic Park with the Women’s Jurassic Park Dr. Ellie Sattler Costume. Blend in with the crowd and be careful around those dinosaurs.

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Dinosaurs Eat Man… Woman Inherits the EarthShe may have been joking, but her foresight is uncanny! She saw it coming.Dr. Ellie Sattler is the top paleobotanist in her field. If she tells you something is a bad idea, you should probably listen! One consultation with her before tinkering around with dino DNA, and John Hammond could have saved himself a whole lot of trouble… but here we are after the fact and a T-Rex is rampaging through Jurassic Park, devouring every man in sight and now it’s her turn to clean up the mess! She’s ready to roll up her sleeves, trek her way through the dangerous, dino-infested territory, and get the power back on so they can escape Isla Sorna.Now, you can step into the role of the iconic character from the Steven Spielberg film when you wear this Jurassic Park Ellie Sattler Costume!Design & DetailsOur exclusive Ellie Sattler costume comes straight from the original Jurassic Park film. The costume starts with a light blue tank top and a pink button-up shirt that fits over top. The khaki shorts have cuffed hems. Finally, the costume comes with a Jurassic Park visitor’s badge to make your trip to the park official! Put it all together and you have a look that’s ready for any dinosaur mishap!Strange SituationsWhen you dress up in this Jurassic Park costume, you might find yourself in some strange situations. You get caught up in conversations with rockstar mathematicians. Make sure you have a few snappy comebacks at the ready to put him in his place. You also might want to get REALLY comfortable with triceratops doo-doo.

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