Adult Gorilla Sublimated Face Mask


Stay safe with the Adult Gorilla Sublimated Face Mask. Featuring a funny gorilla face on the front you can stay safe and have fun with this mask!

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Monkey BusinessAre you the kind of person who brings their party animal personality wherever they go? Maybe you would rather monkey around than buckle down to work. Possibly you go ape for both small get-togethers and big blowouts. Your friends might describe you as a bit bananas, but they love your zany ways. The solitary jungle is no place for someone with your sense of fun. Take a walk on the wild side in this awesome mask!Product Details You’ll pack a bigger punch than King Kong in your Adult Gorilla Sublimated Face Mask! The happy monkey smile printed on the front of the mask is sure to bring matching grins to everyone who sees you. The velour outer surface is nearly as soft and silky as gorilla fur. It’s contoured to your nose and chin for a snug and comfortable fit, and elastic cord ear loops secure it in place. This mask is so awesome that you’ll probably start a new trend. Your friends will be monkey see, monkey do for sure!

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