Adult Frederick Douglass Wig and Goatee


Complete your Frederick Douglass costume from Early American history with this wig and goatee that features a black Afro with some gray hair.

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Luxurious FameWhile Frederick Douglass certainly didn’t have anything even approaching a great early life, becoming the literal face of change in a time of many wrongs is an accomplishment like no other! And, looking fantastic while moving the moment forward only helped to change the tides of history!Naturally, his tasks and words are by far the greater force of Frederick Douglass’ memory, but none can deny that the wise, aged look of the African American writer, poet, orator, activist, and preacher help to keep him at the forefront of history even today.Product DetailsChannel the look of the early American boat-rocker with this Frederick Douglass Wig and Goatee set.  The wig is styled as a large Afro with the perfect blend of dark, black hair and tinges of gray to give the authentic powerful but wise look that you’re going for. The matching goatee somehow manages to heighten both! The combo makes for a perfect historic look.Intimidating and ComfortingThere’s just something that is both welcoming and absolutely classic about the image of the powerful preacher with his salt-and-pepper hair.  There’s a reason that it’s a style that is still popular and eye-catching today. Frederick Douglass remains the inspiration for all of them and you can channel that same take-no-nonsense wisdom with this wig and goatee set!

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