Adult Fat Suit Costume


You’re looking a little pudgy these days! This Adult Fat Suit Costume will let you pack on the pounds instantly.

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Pack on the PoundsTrying to pack on some mass? Do you want to be a total beefcake? Well, toss on this Adult Fat Suit Costume and you’ll be the biggest stud walking around any costume parties this Halloween!Why waste time on binge eating? To really make gains you have to eat the highest calorie food like it’s your job… it’s ten times easier to slip into this padded jumpsuit (and it’s a whole lot easier to shed)! With this costume, you’ll instantly look as if you’ve devoured every sweet thing you could find across the land. If you want, this jumpsuit can be your entire costume. However, you can get tons of laughs when you add this as an accessory to a variety of other costumes! Be a big version of any celebrity you wish, like a chonky Chuck Norris. Bless your friends with the presence of a bigger-than-life character. Use this suit as a start to an awesome sumo-wrestler costume. Be a walking and talking contradiction when you enter the party scene as a chubby aerobics instructor. These are just a few ideas that come to mind and there are plenty more options with this hilarious fat suit!Product DetailsThis beige jumpsuit has plush padding added to the arms, the chest, the belly, and the legs, meant to simulate a large human body.This is gonna be bigSo, if you’re ready to fill rooms with laughter this Halloween, then it is time to pudge up. And now you know better, so instead of ruining that perfect figure of yours, skip the carb overload and grab this Adult Fat Suit Costume. It’s perfect all on its own or as an add-on to a number of different costumes. Just don’t be caught off guard if people you give you some weight loss tips.

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