Adult Fairy Flats


No fairy costume is complete without a killer pair of shoes. These Adult Fair Flats are just the ticket. With velvet green fabric and white fuzzy poms, you can’t go wrong!

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Tiny houses are all the rage these days. Imagine living that lifestyle. Oh, no, wait, we’re not talking about living in quarters less than 500 square feet; we mean a truly humble abode of fewer than 500 square centimeters. Fairies know all about the best garden real estate, especially the roomy ones with hostas out front and a bird bath out back. There are so many places to live, as long as a different pollinator isn’t already moved in (we don’t usually have to worry about running into another fairy). Which flower would you live in? The rose is always popular, but we’re partial to sunflowers. The choice is all yours, but you’ll need some pixie dust to shrink you down to size. Otherwise you’ll look a little goofy!The shrinking down comes with a few complications. Gravity feels a little more oppressive, particularly, and you’ll need a new set of small clothes. Ooh, and trust us: the world at that size is too dangerous for unprotected feet. So the first piece of small clothing should 100% be these Adult Fairy Flats, which will keep splinters out of your toes while letting you really sparkle like a fairy. Their green fabric is accentuated by fuzzy pom. They go so well as part of a fairy ensemble. You’ll be ready to stake out your spot in the garden alongside the birds, the bees, and the gnomes! In these you’ll worry less about stepping on a thorn or a worm and worry more about how to deck out your cute new fairy tiny house. 

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