Adult Dragon Ball Z Frieza Costume


Transform yourself into one of the most famous anime villains of all time when you wear this Adult Dragon Ball Z Frieza Costume to your next costume party or cosplay convention.

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Frieza sort of has a bad rap across the entire universe (Universe 7 at least). After all, the guy did amass an empire of bloodthirsty warriors, he blew up entire planets and he exterminated a fair number of alien races. He also tried to kill Goku and his friends, then came back from the dead to try to kill Goku and his friends again. Maybe the Dragon Ball Z character needs a little bit of a rebranding if he wants to be a little more popular guy!That’s where you come in. You can assume the role of the mighty Dragon Ball Z character when you wear this Frieza costume and maybe if you do only nice things, instead of heading on missions of mass extinction, you turn Frieza’s public image around!The exclusive Frieza costume comes with everything you need to transform into Goku’s greatest nemesis. The costume comes with a full-body jumpsuit that’s made out of a polyester and spandex blend that stretches to fit. It has foam padding and metallic purple accents to help you look like a muscular fighter, capable of going toe to toe with any Z Fighter. A stuffed tail is attached to the back of the jumpsuit, since you can’t be Frieza without his signature tail! The shoe covers are sculpted to look like the alien emperor’s claws and the helmet recreates his smooth purple head.Once you have this entire outfit on, all you need to do is do good deeds, like helping your friends move and volunteer at the local hospital. Everyone will start seeing Frieza in a whole new light after that!

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