Adult Dr. Shots Costume


Dress up in this Dr. Shots Costume for Adults and carry the “cure” with you! This costume is sure to be a hit at your party this year, just don’t forget the extra bottle of “medicine.”

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Chief Party AttenderWe all know someone who likes to party hard. No matter how many years go by, no matter how many parties they’ve attended, they are always ready to give it their all. Are you constantly pulling people onto the dance floor? Are you offering to buy drinks for friends? Perhaps that person is you! Whether it’s you or another friend, we think that the party animal in your group deserves the honor of wearing this Adult Dr Shots Costume. This doctor will have everyone in a partying mood in no time! Product DetailsDr. Shots would like you to take your medicine, please! This doctor’s uniform includes the lab coat, mask, stethoscope, and syringes. The jacket features loops for the syringes, as well as a graphic of The Drunken Hospital. The stethoscope is not real, but it definitely helps with the doctor image! We’re not sure how well the syringes would work for shots, but you are certainly welcome to try. Let us know if you tried it! If it doesn’t work out, there’s always those shot glass-sized Red Solo cups, too. One Dose, Taken OrallyIf the party mood is tired, call in the doctor! We’re sure that a bit of medicine will do the trick, for those interested in partaking. Whether you decide to party hard or not, this costume is sure to get a lot of laughs, and maybe a few toasts. After all, where would we be without modern medicine? Let’s get this party started!

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