Adult Cute Baphomet Goat Socks


These adorable Adult Cute Baphomet Goat Socks will be perfect to add some color into your spooky costume! These socks will keep you comfy and cozy during the Halloween season.

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I Like My Socks Like I Like My Coffee…Pink and blended and decorated with whipped cream and sprinkles. There’s no written rule that you’ve gotta be black and bleary all the time. I’m sure Baphomet would totally get behind these pinkalicious Cute Baphomet Goat Socks. Grab a fluffy tutu, a rhinestone-covered tiara, a furry mini backpack, and these socks to complete the look. They’re soft and stretchy and fit under glittery heels or black army boots. Cast your devilish spells with a wand and sacrifice a stuffed animal. With your standout new look, even a busy Baphomet won’t be able to ignore you.

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