Adult Comics Comedian Costume


Cause problems on the streets of Gotham, or just your hometown in this Adult Comedian Costume. Let your craziness shine.

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Clowning AroundWhen you were asked what you wanted to be in kindergarten, everyone laughed at you when you said you wanted to be a comedian. Your teacher thought you were joking. Your parents were dismayed, pushing you to become an engineer or a doctor or the president, like your big sister. (She was all three of those.) Even your pet fish Rosco shook its head at you when you declared you’d be the best comedian in the whole world.Well, they’re not laughing now! …Which is really a problem, since that’s your whole goal in life. Turns out being a comedian only works if you’re funny, and, sadly, you’re just not that funny. You have no sense of comedic timing. You always forget your punchlines. You can’t even tell a knock-knock joke right. You might need to rethink your career choice.Product DetailsEven if you flub your jokes all the time, you can at least look the part with this Adult Comedian Costume. The stylish costume is made from 100 percent polyester and includes a pullover jacket with an attached shirt front and tie, as well as a pair of pants and a mask. The maroon jacket has a built-in yellow shirt front and colorful green tie. The matching maroon pants have an elastic waistband for a comfy fit. Of course, any comedian outfit is incomplete without an eye-catching mask, and this one is definitely a scream! The white latex mask has large eye holes, clown face makeup and an elastic band to secure it to your head and ensure that the laughs never stop coming. If you really want to take it to the next level, add a colorful wig. Maybe something green?Make ’em Laugh!Don’t despair. We’re sure you can make ’em laugh, if you just practice a bit more… and maybe write your punchlines on your hand.

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